Be honest. Are you the bad boss?

Becoming an executive is exciting. I've been there and remember that feeling.

You’re finally in a place where you can make a difference. You’re set to crush the job and have a true impact on the world

Except it doesn’t go that way. Instead, you get stuck being “busy”.

You’re doing everything right on paper, but nothing seems to run as it should.

Deadlines swish by unmet. Goals are missed by a mile.

Your team devolves into chaos, communication breaks down, performance drops, and it feels like nobody even cares anymore.

And of course, there is no one else to take the blame: you’re the leader, so it’s on you. Many describe the overwhelming feeling as drowning.

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What’s going on? You’re paying the trust-tax.

Great executives understand the value of trust for a leader — and the expensive cost of lacking trust inside your team. 

The data is crystal clear. According to a Watson Wyatt study, high-trust organizations have 286% higher returns than low-trust organizations.

That’s almost three times. And that’s why trust has been defined as a “hard-edged economic driver”

How does the lack of trust wreck your results? 

Like a disease, it damages your team’s work every step of the way, and you pay dearly for it.

There is no open, constructive communication. Employees distrust management and become actively disengaged from their work, unable to thrive and express their potential.

According to Gallup, this problem hits up to 85% of workers worldwide.

It chokes your team’s productivity. Without trust, bureaucracy and micromanagement fester, and things grind to a halt. Everything takes ages, and it’s all frustrating busywork to jump through hoops, instead of getting things done.

In this situation, you are unable to align your team towards a common goal. Instead of them rallying around you to crush objectives, it’s like herding cats. As a result, you see no results, and your confidence as a leader is wrecked.

The good news? This can be changed, and it all starts with you.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

As an executive, your job is to be a leader. Maybe you like to get in the trenches with your team, or you prefer to set a goal and let them rise to the challenge. But no matter how you decide to do it, no team can thrive if they don’t trust you or each other.

When you become a high-trust leader, however:

  • Communication just works. Issues are discussed and resolved instead of being buried. There is no politicking, no festering conflict. You know exactly how to talk to them, and they know they can talk to you.
  • There is less time wasted with busywork. Your team is more productive, and yet it feels easier than before: just like a well-oiled machine. As a result, you can aim even higher.
  • You’re confident because you’re aligned with your goals. Your team rallies behind you, and moves towards the objective in harmony like true believers. Now you’re not just a manager, but a leader.

I am Dr. Brian Harman. I help executives like you transform into confident high-trust leaders that are aligned to their mission and able to lead engaged teams to breakthrough results. And I've worked top global corporations and Fortune 500s.

Before I tell you about that, let me answer the question I know you’re thinking about...

But why should I trust you, Brian?

There are so many coaches out there. So many. And who you choose to work with is critical: we’re talking about building you up to do great things, here. So what makes the perfect coach? I don’t know. That’s honestly a question for Aristotle. 

But what I can tell you is why you should work with me.

  • Everything we do together is based on validated peer-reviewed research, real science. No woo-woo here. I take all these proven techniques and build a customized program tailored for you: there is no off-the-shelf solution because everybody is different.
  • Let’s be honest: most coaches don’t have much of a resume. After my MBA, I also received a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change from Pepperdine, doing research on the very things I can help you with. I also went on to getting two executive certificates from the University of Oxford’s business school, in Executive Leadership and Global Enterprise Management.
  • Leaders are who I actually work with. I have helped 100's of executives in organizations from Apple to Salesforce to Google, as well as the new tech startup down the street. I do corporate leadership workshops around the world and I have taught 40+ university courses on leadership for institutions like UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Finally, on a personal note, I am no stranger to hard challenges. Just back from my honeymoon, I was diagnosed with an ultra rare disease in my spine. I needed 4 surgeries, 4 rods, and 14 screws to remove a bone tumor that had grown around my spinal canal. But, your path may have been difficult because you have a higher calling and purpose. This is what I teach; purpose and clarity in leadership.

High-trust leadership coaching is for ambitious leaders only.

The high-trust leadership transformation program is a 1-on-1 coaching program for executives and leaders who want to thrive. It’s a condensation of over a decade of learning, researching, and applying trust-based techniques in leadership.

The program is organized to adapt to your life and your needs. It includes online content, group coaching mastermind calls and a highly-customized set of 25 hours of direct, 1-on-1 coaching via Zoom video meetings with flexible scheduling.

Here’s what you will learn and put into practice

  • We’ll start picking the low hanging fruit — tackling the most immediate, high-ROI issues first — so you can start experiencing breakthrough moments right from the start.
  • You’ll go through a complete mindset overhaul: we’ll challenge your core beliefs and write down your core values to ensure you are perfectly aligned; then you can work towards your goals unencumbered.
  • We will clarify your vision, and make a plan to drive change in your life — so that everything you do is laser-focused towards holistic success. This comes with a clear template for planning, goal-setting, and execution you can use forever and share with your friends.
  • We’ll build a full mental toolkit to improve your mindset and stress tolerance: effective meditation techniques and gratitude practices that will help you nurture your mental health even in the hardest moments.
  • We will explore self-awareness at the metacognitive level. In other words, you’ll understand exactly how you think and how to leverage that to control your perspective and thought.
  • You will learn and apply evidence-based strategies for executive-level performance. The techniques I teach are practical, geared to maximize your results while aligning your actions to what you want to achieve.
  • We’ll go through, and master, key communication skills: how to use storytelling and deeper conversations to create trust and influence, public speaking, and specific techniques to build trust with your team.
  • You will learn how to use the techniques of transformation leadership: you’ll be able to work with your team to set a vision, plan change, and enact that change successfully.
  • You’ll develop your emotional intelligence dramatically, making you better at fundamental skills as a team leader: inspiring and motivating others, team-building, giving and receiving feedback, coaching your team, dealing with conflict, negotiating, and managing change.
  • We’ll also cover other important team dynamics a leader must understand: culture versus climate, teams versus workgroups, diversity, inclusivity, running effective meetings.
  • And more, specific techniques for more technical tasks: process management, decision-making protocols, problem-solving, brainstorming techniques.
  • Lastly, I will coach you out of the program. By the time we’re done, you’ll have mastered the techniques you need to keep growing on your own. 
  • I offer ongoing coaching (monthly sessions instead of weekly) at a discounted rate so you can sustain your transformational leadership growth. This will also give you access to the group calls and all other resources in perpetuity.

High-trust leaders know how to build and sustain high trust.

You might be thinking, "well, how much can someone learn about trust?" A lot more than you think. High-trust leaders know:

  • Why trust matters so much
  • The levels of trust including, self, interpersonal, social, communal, organizational, institutional, national, and global trust
  • How to master self-trust first and keep promises to yourself
  • How to maximize trust in your relationships
  • The reciprocal nature of trust in the limbic system
  • How to use trust behaviors such as the handshake and introduction
  • The trust intensities which include acceptance, trust, and admiration
  • How to use trust in communication and listening
  • Trust in vulnerability and empathy
  • How to make a strategic ‘trust’ plan
  • How great leaders build trust in daily interactions
  • Organizational trust considerations within culture and climate
  • Trust dimensions including benevolence, integrity, and competence
  • How to use humor to build trust
  • Why leaders laugh at failure to build social trust and psychological safety
  • Dynamics of ongoing trust, from beginning to maturity
  • Open body language and facing hearts
  • How to rebuild broken trust
  • How to avoid trust-degrading and trust-destroying behaviors
  • The neuroscience of trust in storytelling
  • We've also written several books on leadership, trust, and humor. You will receive these and the teachings as part of the program

"This has been an amazing experience with major breakthroughs in every session. The intense momentum in my leadership capabilities has seen by the people around me and by my staff. I highly recommend hiring Brian if you want a better life."

- Dr. Jorge Lopez, Healthcare Leader

Transform yourself into a high-trust leader.

If you’ve been struggling with trust, and you want to morph yourself into a leader that:

  • Creates a strong atmosphere of openness, where information flows easy people trust each other and have each other’s backs
  • Can get people “on board”, creating a team that works together fast without the usual corporate BS.
  • Is aligned and laser-focused on hitting meaningful goals

Then let’s not waste another day of your potential. As soon as we begin your customized high-trust leadership program you will gain access to the intake form, online content, my client community groups on LinkedIn and you’ll immediately schedule the first session.

Let's make sure we're a fit first. That matters more than anything.

  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching (25 hrs included for you to use at-will)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls (all clients invited to a Wednesday call)
  • Complete Online Course on High-Trust Transformational Leadership (8 modules)
  • Customized Executive Resume & Curated Personal Story
  • Audit & Optimization of your LinkedIn Profile (Check out mine here)
  • All of our Coaching & Leadership Tools & Worksheets
  • You'll receive our Daily Leadership Emails & LinkedIn/Facebook Group Access
  • And much more... including an amazing community of CEOs, Founders, and Senior Executives that are in this together!

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