August 5-7, 2020

Register for HD LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE's annual leadership bootcamp in Santa Monica, CA, USA


from feeling busy to ALIGNED 

from uncertain to CONFIDENT 

from detached to CONNECTED 

from plateau to BREAKTHROUGH 

from complacent to THRIVING 

from manager to LEADER

Building a powerful and fulfilling life starts with your mindset. We know all about this because we've been on the other side of success and spent years figuring this out for ourselves. But life (and 2 PhDs in Leadership) have put us in a position to teach you about this intense gateway for growth. 

Outside of being a leadership professor and college president, this is how we spend our days, helping leaders achieve their highest form of holistic success in life. This thrilling journey is filled with breakthrough moments right from the start. It begins now. Let's go!


  • It's a wildly fun & deeply educational experience with only 24 attendees invited
  • Learn how to tell your story
  • Learn how to become a transformational leader
  • Move into your highest potential and shift your mindset
  • For managers and leaders, partners, teams, departments, coaches, entreprenuers, middle to senior level employees, and board members
  • Want to be sure this is right for you? Give us a call!


  • How to stop being 'busy' by realigning your values, goals, and vision
  • Becoming a leader that everyone trusts and admires
  • How to lead with love
  • Transformational teamwork
  • Unleashing your inner leader
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Change leadership & resilience
  • Leadership styles and adapting for situational leadership
  • Mastery of workplace humor
  • Running meaningful and succinct meetings effectively
  • Leading teams versus workgroups
  • You'll also walk away with a curated and edited personal story and vision statement

 only 17 of 24 spots remain open


  • Wednesday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm 
  • Wednesday Welcome Dinner
  • Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Friday 8:30 am - 2:00 pm
  • All breakfasts and lunches included for any diet-types
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Friday Farewell paddle boarding event, optional & included
  • Early AM yoga session, incuded & optional
  • 1-1 coaching follow up, 60 minute video call 30 days after event
  • 2 assessments included
  • Upon registration, we will send you our partner hotel options so you can makes the necessary travel arrangements as needed
$7499 | SIGN UP!

Yes, there's a LOT included in your tranformational leadership experience. 

Choosing your leadership retreat should be fun because it's a very relationship-oriented and customized experience to catapult your individual growth. Your coaches must be clear about how to measure your return on investment, what systems and science will be used, business and personal backgrounds, and how we practice leadership excellence. Knowing the details of the approach is vital because only you know what will resonate with you.

Why HD Leadership?

First, WE LOVE our work - helping others achieve their visions - so you get the very best of us at all times. And, nothing comes "off the shelf" here. Our programs are structured and customized to your unique needs so you get a tranformational program that you can sustain long after the retreat is over.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder

We respect all those hardcore leadership devotees. But we know that's not how people are born. Leadership is a skill that requires training and development.  

Brian and Jeff are passionate and humorous coaches who help people find clarity, alignment, and emotional intelligence to realize their ultimate potential in life. We met each other back when we first began our PhD program at Pepperdine studying global leadership and change. Now we continue to collaborate in our shared committment to improving leadership. Meet us in Santa Monica!  

Our system is based on peer-reviewed empirical research on how to practice and build skills as a leader that significantly improve your performance and capacity and make an impact in the world. Come transform yourself and get HD leadership clear with us!

Dr. Brian M Harman, PhD, MBA

Dr. Brian Harman is a leadership professor and professional speaker who uses his humorous approach to engage and motivate leaders. 

In his scientific study of humor, Harman investigates the interconnection of humor and trust in the workplace to collect an arsenal of collaborative humor activities and trust-building behaviors to deploy in his leadership development workshops. He speaks at Fortune 500 companies, TEDx events, and universities around the world, making work a fun place through the use of high-performance trust. Harman also teaches graduate courses in leadership for the ESAN Graduate School of Business in Lima, Peru, and he is an adjunct faculty member in business programs at UCLA and UC Berkeley.  

Dr. Jeff DeFranco, PhD, MEd

Jeff DeFranco is a transformational leader who collaborates with leaders to foster organizational visions, missions, and other developmental strategies.  

He studied organizational development and leadership strategy at University of Oregon. He also completed a Stanford University program that provides executives with advanced knowledge to make high-quality decisions. He is also a PhD scholar from Pepperdine University where his research focus is change leadership and emotional intelligence.  

Jeff’s primary role is serving as president for Lake Tahoe Community College where he applies his leadership while retaining opportunities to consult with leaders and organizations.